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Omya offers certified high purity natural minerals – a source of highly bioavailable calcium, specially designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.


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Enlighten Your Formulation

Keeping the competitive edge in pharma & nutraceuticals 
Omya continues to build on its mineral expertise with extensive research & development. New facilities and equipment show our commitment to innovation. Our team of pharma experts work on new functional mineral structures that are tailor-made for specific applications, striving to continuously optimize existing products to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Innovation & Partnership

In new product development projects, we collaborate directly with partners in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. Current success stories include formulations of orally disintegrating tablets. They are proof of Omya’s commitment to continuous innovation in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market.

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Osteoporosis Treatment

Omya Calcium Carbonate is a high-purity bioavailable calcium. This makes it a sought-after ingredient for calcium supplementation formulas to treat e.g. osteoporosis, a significant public health issue in today’s aging population.



Omya high-purity Calcium Carbonates are used as active ingredients for neutralizing stomach acid in many antacid formulations currently on the market.
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Wet & Dry Granulation
Omya mineral excipients drastically reduce or eliminate the amount of binder needed, thus significantly improving wet and dry granulation processes.
Fast Disintegration & ODTs
Omyapharm structured minerals produce granules and tablets that combine high mechanical strength and fast disintegration.
Direct Compressibility
Omyapharm enables high tensile strength tablets at lower compressive pressures compared to other excipients.
Carrier & Enhanced Drug Dissolution
Omyapharm products offer a high
drug loading capability and help
to improve drug dissolution.


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In addition to our wide range of minerals, Omya offers a variety of specialty ingredients for pharma & nutra applications allowing for valuable synergestic effects:
  • Vitamins
  • Botanical extracts
  • Mineral-based actives and excipients
  • Other tableting aid ingredients
Please get in touch for local product availability or technical assistance. 
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Learn more about our diverse portfolio of natural mineral solutions by visiting our new profile on pharmaexcipients.com. Pharma Excipients's platform combines manufactures and users of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipients.

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Boost Your Calcium Fortification With Omyaforte - Pure.Healthy.Easy.

  • Excellent bioavailability (significantly more calcium can be absorbed)
  • High content of elemental calcium (39%)
  • Minimum product intervention (maintains original texture & taste)
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Learn more about our new mineral solution for probiotic stabilization that was shown to be an effective stabilizing agent during spray drying, shelf-life, and in-vitro digestion of the valuable probiotic microorganisms – even outperforming the organic benchmark stabilizer maltodextrin. Get the full study – conducted by NIZO and Omya – to learn about the solution's full benefits.

Stabilize Your Probiotic Applications With a New Mineral Solution

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Excellent Bioavailability Is Key for Food Fortification – Omyaforte 100

Based on a patented recrystallization process, Omyaforte has an innovative new mineral composition and structure. This unique composition ensures optimum acid solubility for enhanced bioavailability. 
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Highly Compactable Porous Mineral Ingredient – Omyanutra 300

The mineral is used as a compactable carrier composed of calcium carbonate and tribasic calcium phosphate, which can
be loaded by impregnation with up to 40% crystalline actives and 60% liquids, converting those into direct compressible powders.
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